May your taste and salt be balanced, your food be delicious …


With the understanding initiated by our founder, the late H. Bahattin ÖZDEMİR, at the year of 1982, we are always pleased to offer the highest quality and hygienic products to our customers operating in many sectors, especially in the food sector.


To be recognized as a salt brand and to grow by differentiation, Developing innovative products, To have a place in the kitchens of the world as the salt brand of Turkey

Our Industrial Salts

Sea Salt

It contains minerals and trace minerals necessary for the human body.

Lake Salt

It is produced from Lake Salt located in many regions of our country.

Refined Salt

It is produced from Lake Salt produced within the borders of Acıgöl / Afyonkarahisar.

Tablet Salt

It is divided into two as Refined Salt and Mechanical Tablet Salt.

Estuz is sensitive to public health.

We take maximum care to protect the naturalness and wealth of our resources.


Our salts for food production

Estuz specializes in salt production for all food branches.

Useful Information

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