May your taste and salt be balanced, your food be delicious …

Our company, which has been supplying salt to distinguished food organizations as well as the needs of the textile and chemical industry since our establishment, has also turned to the retail sector with its refined product range since 2010.

In this context, with the knowledge and experience we have gained so far, branding efforts have been accelerated, our corporate identity was renewed, then the packaging of our products for the retail sector was changed and field activities were restructured. On the other hand, our main goal has been to increase our market share in the retail sector by expanding our sales network.

Apart from our retail products, the production of refined salt, dried food industry salt, sea salt, tablet salt and industrial salt produces a wide range of products, and our company also exports these products.

Estuz who finished among the largest salt producers in Turkey, especially with the quality and reliability of the food industry is one of the most requested brand.

On the other hand, as one of the strongest companies of the sector, we are proud to be an institution that considers its consumers and takes it as a duty to raise awareness.

With the “Balance of Life” approach, we continue our studies with the aim of raising awareness of our consumers about salt use. We provide information about the harms of completely removing salt from our lives as well as excessive use, and we try to respond to both palatal delight and health-related needs with our iodine, iodine-free and sodium-reduced product range.

Our company looks to the future with hope, thanks to its strong, principled and innovative structure in the sector, its constantly growing staff and the trust of its renewed technology, as well as the appreciation of our consumers and the contributions of our customers, whom we see as business partners.

I firmly believe that we will achieve sustainable success by taking firm steps on this path taken altogether.
May your taste and salt be balanced, your food be delicious …

Love and respect,