May your taste and salt be balanced, your food be delicious …


We know that the sustainability of our business is only possible with the sustainability of the environment and society we live in.

In order to contribute to sustainability, we aim to make our decisions in a holistic manner by taking our stakeholders into account in all strategic business decisions. The environment, society, our workplace, our products and market practices are the areas we influence and are affected by.
We care about every detail that will contribute to sustainability;
Fully recyclable packaging is used for our products.

We prefer refillable, reusable, unopened packaging that will not be thrown away, and we develop our system and products accordingly.


We cooperate with other institutions and people working for the good of humanity, we develop and implement projects especially in the field of health.
We work for a sustainable world with our belief in the necessity of simultaneously creating value for our stakeholders and society in order to achieve long-term success.

We take maximum care to protect the naturalness and wealth of our resources.

We place particular emphasis on local values and local sustainability, and we create our social responsibility and awareness projects in this direction.